Are Home Heating Costs Exceeding the Budget?

If the ever-rising costs of heating a home are starting to exceed the family budget, you are not alone. More and more people are discovering that keeping the furnace operating during longer and colder winters is costing a small fortune. Wearing sweatpants, cardigans, and fuzzy slippers in the house can only make so much of a difference in where the temperature is set. It is time to supplement the furnace with a more efficient heat source.


A fireplace can reduce dependency on a furnace and save money on energy costs. If there is one already in the house, have it inspected and cleaned before using it. Fireplaces can be added by exposing a section of the chimney and having one built-in. There are also free standing models that do not require access to a chimney. The return on the investment is high and pricing is low when buying factory direct.

Where to Purchase One?

There are a few manufacturers that offer high-quality products at deep discounts to the public. Search online to discover physical store locations and directions. The company website can direct a family in any area to where they will find an Australian made fireplace to suit their needs, style preferences, and budget. Nine locations are ready to serve customers so there is sure to be one close to the house. Do not spend another winter with two or three layers of clothing on in the house just to stay warm.


Wood or Gas Burning Options

Full lines of models offer styles that range from simple and small to elaborate with a sleek ultra-modern appearance. Customers can also take advantage of an in-house design team to create custom units. Whether a wood or gas burning unit is selected, the efficiency will help cut heating costs. All models can be used indoors or outdoors and come with a ten-year warranty.

Customer Service

Purchasing directly from the factory does not mean customer services is lacking. Experienced staff can help with sizing and selection assistance. Flexible financing options are available with applications online and at stores for convenience. The most popular one is zero percent interest rates for twenty-four months when making monthly payments.

Full installation services can be arranged at the time of purchase if needed. Units do come with detailed installation instructions so any local professional can also install them. Consultants are available online to answer any questions during the process, or to help customers after the sale.

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